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International collaborative research grant

We believe that there are many opportunities for research grants that support international collaborative research.
For example, there is the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science's bilateral exchange program.

◆JSPS Bilateral Programs

◆ The TOYOTA Foundation International Grant Program

2021 The 5th Webinar on Teacher Educators' Professional Development

The fifth webinar was an international comparative panel session on the expected role of teacher educators in Zambia, Malawi, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

2021 The 4th Webinar on Teacher Educators' Professional Development

For our fourth webinar, we had the continued participation of a Professor from Zambia. We had pairs of teacher educators and their students from Thailand and Zambia.

2021 The 3rd Webinar on Teacher Educators' Professional Development

In the third webinar, teacher educators from Zambia and Japan took the stage to discuss the challenges of teaching assessment in Zambia and the Induction Program for teacher educators in Japan.

2020 The 2nd Webinar on Teacher Educators’ Professional Development

In the second webinar, we presented and discussed the professional growth of teacher educators in Japan, the US, and South Africa and the challenges they face. The number of participants was just over 30, but a close discussion ensued.

2020 The 1st Webinar on Teacher Educators’ Professional Development

This webinar was the first of its kind and was attended by over 80 people. Teacher educators from Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Cambodia came together to discuss the challenges facing teacher educators.

2016 International Symposium
Curriculum Development and Teacher Education in Asia and Africa

We successfully invited 14 education administrators and university researchers from eight countries in Asia and Africa, as well as the Director of SEAMEO-RIHED, the Program Officer of UNESCO-APEID, and the Policy Information Analyst of the International Affairs Division of the Minister's Secretariat of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
In addition, a lively discussion was held on the "Concept of International Educational Cooperation in Asia and Africa in the 21st Century," which included reports on the international joint research and educational activities of the University and the Graduate School.